History of the Club

The club is one of the legacies of past area governor Richard Kaszuba, who requested Melvin Bell to assist him in establishing an English-speaking Rotary Club in the Tri-city area.

One of the main criteria of the club is that meetings are conducted in English.

Our first unofficial meeting was held in The Europa Hotel, Sopot in July 2001 when 7 potential members met for an informal get together. The meeting was an instant success and has met every week since that date.


Membership grew quite healthily; it was decided to aim for our charter towards the end of 2002. We became full members of Rotary International in October 2002 with 21 members.

Sopot International has had members from Europe; Asia, and America, countries represented are Poland, United Kingdom, Denmark, United States of America, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Finland and Sweden.

The club grew steadily and had 26 members as at May 2003. Being an international club, our membership fluctuates quite a lot as members who are here on secondment from their overseas companies are constantly arriving and leaving. Currently in 2014 we have 21 members.

Owing to our growth we changed venue in March 2003 to the Haffner Hotel in Sopot and in 2007 we changed our venue once again to the newly renovated Grand Hotel.

For more information regarding supportive programmes please visit our news page.

Past presidents:

2002-2003: Marek Reszko
2003-2004: Barbara Pawlisz
2004-2005: Tadeusz Iwanowski
2005-2006: Robert Powell
2006-2007: Janusz Kabata
2007-2008: Sanjiv Malik
2008-2009: Wojciech Kossak
2009-2010: Bohdan Tillack
2010-2011: Maria Dudziak
2011-2012: Michal Sielewicz
2012-2013: Ryszard Michalski
2013-2014: Sweata Shah-Ostrowska
2014-2015; Wisenna Szymanska
2015-2016; Rinus Roose
2016-2017; Elisabeth Utsch